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Strategy: Developing strategies to broaden brand reach and market channels

Traffic Growth: Growing organic search & referral traffic between 200-300%

Optimization: Improving conversion rates for sales and lead generation up to 10X

Data: Helping decision makers save thousands in expenditures and ad spend


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Strategy and action plans provides businesses with a guide to grow their business by. A step by step outline of strategies and tasks is carefully crafted based on extensive research and analysis of each company. Taking into consideration limitations and resources of each business, each action plan is customized by utilizing competitive research and industry specific case studies to develop a comprehensive list of potential strategies. This list is organized by ranking strategies by effectiveness and return. Action plans can be crafted on a one time basis without a long term contact.

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating." - Kofi Annan

Capturing even the most basic and simpliest data points can provide businesses the basis to make crucial and educated decision to not just avoid possible disaster but to grow versus their peers. This service entails helping small businesses capture data from their websites, marketing campaigns, and tracking lead or sales sources. Most importantly goals and conversions are tracked through tagging and other methods to ensure that marketing and operation expenditures are quantified. This provides the knowledge that can free a business from uncertainty and empower them to grow.

"Common sense is not so common." - Voltaire

By creating dashboards and reports, business owners can accurately and objectively monitor their progress and growth. Key performance indicators are determined to track the progress of strategies so that the company can make decisions conducive to increasing sales and growth. Reports are crafted on a weekly or monthly basis which are reviewed and analyzed so that business owners can easily understand and make decisive decisions about operations, marketing and business development. This ensures that decisions are based on fact rather than feeling.

"There's only one growth strategy: work hard." - William Hague

On a long term basis, strategy management helps to ensure that campaigns are effective and goals are being accomplished. Strategy management enables companies to have an extra objective eye on execution of actions plan to avoid possibly mistakes or errors that may become barriers in reaching business objectives. Working with staff and vendors, we can ensure that plans are being followed and corrective action can be taken in case of changes in business or marketing environments. We makes sure everyone is working hard on building a business.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

Auditing can ensure that your current site as well as your campaigns and iniatives are being done properly or is optimized. Search engine optimization recommendations can be made to ensure content is written correctly or sites are developed with best practices in mind. Auditing reports will provide a comprenhensive analysis of websites, marketing campaigns, content, conversions, data collection, reporting, and operations. Auditing can be provided as a one time service. An audit can ensure that the things that should be done are being done even when no one is looking.

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey

Training services provides employees with expert training of numerous task related to day to day web operations and execution of web strategies. Employees can be trained in web best practices or trained to run campaigns or manage content properly. Manuals and videos can be created so that future employees can easily pick up when others are out on vacation or have left the company. Training are usually conducted in the following areas: search engine optimization, content management, social media management, and project management. Proper training can give a business new life.


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Led by Edmond Wu, THINKademic is an consultancy that was started in 2007 as a freelance web design and development company. The agency now focuses exclusively on helping businesses grow and dominate their respective markets through web strategies and initiatives.

We utilize a range of partners to advise and strategize for clients in areas such as design, development, search, analytics and other fields to provide not only the most up to date but best services to our clients.

Edmond Wu, the main principal has years of experience helping small businesses double and triple their revenue as well as grow their brand. He has a BS from UC San Diego and a MS from Cal Poly Pomona where he currently teaches economics.